Understanding Narcotic Challenge In Nigeria, Conflict Dynamics And Youth Bulge

Willie A Eselebor, Agunbiade Doyinsola


Africa’s population is growing and quickly, while those who are generally unaware of the happenings in the continent, will be alert to the fact that half of the world’s population growth is projected to be in Africa by 2050. This strikes fear into all but an optimistic few. The link between armed conflict and the production and trafficking of illicit drugs has been much noted in the popular literature, and recent research tentatively indicates a link between narcotics and conflict duration. Yet the specific dynamics of the linkage between narcotics and conflict remain poorly understood

The youths constitute a critical mass in the growing population of Nigeria presently considered as the fastest growing black nation in Africa with a teaming population of over 200 million.

With the upsurge in violent and intractable conflict, extrajudicial killings, and a host of other societal vices, the increasing body of youth becomes a focus. The menace of drug abuse in Nigeria has reached a frightening proportion while it permeates almost all facets of the society.

Therefore, the paper examines the effect of youth bulge and drugs on conflict dynamics in Nigeria. What are the implications of the youth bulge and conflict dynamic in understanding the Nigerian Narcotic challenge? The paper uses secondary sources of data gathering, with archival materials and case study research design.The paper will examine many issues including the phenomenon of youth bulge and the effect of frequent abuse of drugs by the youths. The paper will also examine the various types of drugs commonly abused and measures towards preventing further mental carnage.


Key word: Drugs abuse, youth bulge, conflict dynamic, narcotic challenge, Nigeria.



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