Memory of War and the Resurgence of Separatist Movements in the South East Nigeria

Helen China Nwachukwu


The import of this article is how the memory of the Biafra Civil War in Nigeria (1967-1970) has sustained the tempo of separatist movements in the South East Nigeria especially in the modern times. Different separatist movements have emerged from the South East since Nigeria’s return to civil rule in 1999. The article adopted a descriptive research for exploring the problem from extant literatures. Using frustration aggression theory as the theoretical orientation, the article submits that separatist movements in South East Nigeria are sustained because of the remembrance of the events of the civil war and perceived marginalization of the Igbos in the socio-economic and political equation of the post civil war Nigeria.

Keyword: Memory, war, separatist, self-determination, ethnicity

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