BOOK REVIEW(Stakeholders at War in Nigeria: From Lord Lugard to President Goodluck Jonathan (Volumes 1 and 2))

Isaac Olawale Albert





Author: Professor TekenaN. Tamuno

Publisher: Stirling-Horden Publishers (Nig) Ltd, Ibadan, Nigeria

Year of Publication: 2012

Number of pages : 508 + xx

Reviewer: Isaac Olawale Albert[1]*


In his widely cited 1991 publication Peace and Violence in Nigeria, Professor Tekena Tamuno promised to publish another volume that would update his assessment of the security challenges confronting Nigeria. That promise has now been more than fulfilled in the volumes we are presenting to the public today. The 1991 publication is a one-volume book; what Baba Tamuno is presenting to us today is a two-volume book of 508 pages and the title, indeed, speaks volumes: Stakeholders at War in Nigeria: From Lord Lugard to President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigeria is at war and we can all feel it through cut the length and breadth of our country. What Professor Tamuno does in this book is to provide a dissection of this war or, rather, this multiplicity of wars and explain to us in socio- historical perspective the trajectory of their escalation.


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