Silencing the guns, killing governance: Rhetoric and reality in Africa’s quest for safe neighbourhood for Agenda 2063

Adeniyi S Basiru, Martins A Arogundade



Drawing on documentary evidence sourced from online materials and reports, this article examines the African Union’s silencing the guns by 2020 (STGIA2020) initiative. Specifically, it assesses the initiative in the context of the continent’s quest for safe neighbourhood for Agenda 2063. It notes that the implementation of the initiative and other roadmaps aimed at silencing the guns in Africa have been fraught with monumental challenges, chief among being pervasive governance deficits, which have continued to create condition for structural violence in many countries. It argues that as long as the state structures that have, over the years, nurtured structural violence and mal-governance persist in Africa, the projection of safe neighbourhood envisaged in agenda 2063 is likely to remain a pipe dream. It concludes that silencing the guns in Africa initiative may just be rhetoric by African leaders to mask the reality of state failure, pervasive structural violence and governance deficits in Africa. 

Keywords: peace, security, conflicts, governance, Agenda 2063

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