Environmental Problems, Insecurity In The Sahel Region And Implications For Global Security


  • Temitope Francis Abiodun
  • Akanbi Jamaldeen Oluwasegun
  • Akinlawon F. Adebola



Human security issue remains an empathetic approach towards comprehending the security environment in Sahel region as there is strong connection between the environment and human survival. Though, it remains indisputable that every region of the global world has one issue or the other bedevilling it at a particular point in time. The Sahel region is not an exception as it is faced with diverse environmental problems, impacting heavily on her survival and global security. The study therefore examines the various environmental problems and insecurity confronting Sahel region, and effects of the decadence on the region and global security. Various concepts are clarified for thorough comprehension of the study while the study adopts the use of primary and secondary sources for data gathering with adequate reliability index. The study also portrays the various causative-factors of environmental problems confronting the Sahel region which include: human activities such as: over-farming, over-grazing, climate change, overpopulation of marginal lands, natural soil erosion, among others, resulting into serious desertification, and thus making shelter construction activities difficult respectively. The study, however, recommends the need for crafting and effective policy and as well full implementation of such, embellished with adequate intelligence, critical analysis and expertise for the states: Niger, Mali, and Chad among others to retain their landmass. In the same vein, the modest technique to achieve this is dependent on focused and collaborative efforts of global system towards ensuring a more secured, peaceful and prosperous Sahel region and the world at large.