2015 Post Election Petition Analysis and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria


  • Oluseyi J Diekola
  • Yusuf B. Wahab



In any democratic setting, election has become a major instrument for exercising the principle of sovereignty of the people. Through the process of election citizens are allowed to determine those to represent them at different layers of government. Inspite of the centrality of election to a democratic government, it is crystal clear that except few cases, no election in is conducted in Nigeria without the history of rigging, volume and irregularities. It is on account of this fact that the study addresses 2015 post election petition analysis and democratic consolidation in Nigeria. The study employs mixed methods combining both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Journals, textbooks and decisions of tribunals in Nigeria constitute the secondary source while primary data is extracted from questionnaire administered through online survey. It was discovered that the establishment of election petition tribunal in Nigeria is well justified on account of the nature and character of electoral process in Nigeria. Also, some gaps were identified such as undue political interference breach of technicalities, as well as corruption. The paper recommends training programme for key players as well as independence of tribunal in order to strengthen democratic practices in Nigeria. The paper concludes by drawing a nexus between the significant role of Tribunal and Consolidation of democracy in Nigeria.