Patriarchy at Home: Responses of Yoruba Women of Southwest Nigeria


  • Funmilayo Idowu Agbaje


The conflict of male authority versus the right of a female to control her own life and to be free of male domination is a recurring theme in scholarly works on feminism and specifically applicable to Yoruba women. In modern times, patriarchy refers to social systems in which power is primarily held by adult men. The notion has thus transcended just the power wielded at home into a more critical social issue. Recent responses by women to patriarchal oppression has shown that both males and females have the capacity to participate in non-violent as well as violent actions. This paper is expedient at this time when feminism and its diverse schools of thought are seeking the abolition of patriarchy in the society. It provides and documents the various ways in which women have responded to patriarchy from cases drawn from relevant African feminist literature and media and internet sources.